Details of IEO


BLES Token (BLES) is a new EOS based utility token going to IEO on EOS. The total amount of BLES token is 10 billion and will be available to trade when gets listed on crypto exchanges.

BLES token is a kind of utility token, not security token. Traders can use the token to trade for any instrument listed on our trading platform. The movements of the instruments' markets determine the profit of traders. The platform will charge 10% from the profit generated by the won trades as commission. Any instrument listed on our platform is ZERO spreads. This mechanism makes the fairest game rules. Considering the compliance problems, traders can only use the tokens as game chips. The platform never redeems the sold BLES. If traders want to quit, they can sell the tokens at the crypto exchanges which list BLES.

At the end of every financial year, if the BLES hits a fixed amount of money, token holders receive a special dividend(up to 15%) in form of a year-end bonus.

EOS based Blockchain and Smart Contract
Up to 15% Dividend Per Year
Experience of Trading via Crypto Wallet


Trade via wallet straight forward

The traders do not have to signup and deposit money into account before they send orders.

Save money and time

No longer have to worry about the bank’s high commissions. Zero spreads and only commission from winning side.

More instruments

The third party data provider offers all kinds of instruments’ quotes streaming.

API for professional traders

Our front-end APIs can help traders manage multiple accounts and track orders sent to different brokers.

Risk Control System

All trades will be executed only when the orders are matched by the counter party side.(A-Book, no risk exposure)

Multi-Terminal Support

Broker-less will provide trading terminal including: HTML5 / IOS/ Android 9. Currently we provide web trader.









How it Works

How it Works ?

The pain points of traditional trading platforms

  1. Low Funds Occupancy Rate
  2. Credibility Risk
  3. High Cost
  4. Threshold Not Necessary
  5. Redundancy to Multiple Accounts

Our Solutions

Broker-less platform utilizes the most advanced distributed architecture to build the whole system. Smart contracts are installed on the most popular blockchain platform -- EOS, which serves as a backend for the settlements of millions of trades. EOS has the fastest speed to deal with bookkeeping transactions comparable to the speed of banks’ transactions. Frontend DAPP is built by static HTML-5 pages to provide the portal for trading, which are easy to be loaded from certified CDN everywhere. A third party data provider offers a stable and auditable quotes streaming which determines the opened prices and the closed prices of the trades. A risk control system developed by Broker-less team takes the responsibility for the monitoring of the whole platform’s risk exposure even if we run A-book. It also offers positions management to help monitor opened trades’ stop losses’ situations.

Token Sale

IEO Start In

Start (Bonus Offer)

Jan 10th, 2021 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

8,000,000,000 BLES

End (Bonus Offer)

Jan 31st, 2021 (11:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate

1 EOS = 10,000 BLES

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

100 EOS

Our Product

  • Smart Contract

    Serves for transfering funds and recording prices as backend.

  • Data Provider

    Offers data quotes as auditable data provider.

  • DAPP

    Chart system and UI for traders' operations as frontend.


Feb, 2019

We designed packages and business model.

Sep, 2019

We finished developing MVP.

Oct 2019

We were authorized by the white label license of and we integrated with fintechee(which serves as frontend).

Dec, 2019

We released our broker-less A-book trading platform on testnet.(MVP updated)

Jan, 2021

Our IEO will start up on launchpad.(Scheduled in 2020, but due to the pandemic of corona virus, postponed to 2021)

April, 2021

We will release our broker-less A-book trading platform on mainnet.

Nov, 2021

We will design the version 2.0 of our broker-less trading platform.



Mark Sea (Naijun Shi)


A software Engineer and a great Team Leader.


Celeste Paras


A director of brand marketing, with experience in managing global teams and campaigns.


David Smith


A great business developer with Business Strategies, helping to sell more.


Leah Granfiel


A experienced guider to educate newbies on cryptocurrency from creating their wallets, to investing, to trading.


Czarina Reyes


Skilled in Business Planning, New Business Opportunities, Deal Closure, Market Research, and Management.

Distribution of tokens

Targets of funds

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